Back to School with Self Esteem

Today most children, including Karate Kids, return back to school.  It is an exciting day full of anticipation mixed with a little fear.  The fear of the unknown, I guess.  Who will be teaching me?  Will I have my old friends in my new class?  Will I do alright making new friends.  All of these questions come with some anxiety.  Even parents will be filled with some of these emotions.  How will my child do this year?  Will he/she get along?  Will they have to overcome Bullying?  Will they have the confidence and focus they need to succeed? How can I/We help them with their Self Esteem to overcome these challenges?

Karate classes start back today.  Be sure to check E-News for last minute information including class schedule updates.  Our Theme for September and October is Self Esteem – Having Confidence and Satisfaction in Myself!  All of the Staff of Black Belt Academy hope to instill Self Esteem into your children through our Life Skill curriculum so they have a great start at school and throughout the whole year!  We will also be emphasizing Bully Prevention in our classes this September.  Please note that Buddy Week is the 12th – 17th.  Invite your friends to take class with you so they can learn how to Defeat the Bully as well!images Back to School with Self Esteem

Newton Black Belts, please note that your classes have been switched from Tue/Thur to Mon/Wed.  Don’t worry if you didn’t notice this.  The first week back in September is usually a juggling act and we will adjust to make things work!  We look forward to everyone coming back as the staff are ready after their break last week.

Lastly, our Annual Open House will be Sept. 17th.  We have a Special Guest Instructor coming from Oregon, 5th Degree Black Belt Mr. Clews.  It will be an exciting day with lessons on Bully Prevention, Leadership Skills, Demonstrations, Tuition Specials and of course refreshments.  The student who brings the most Buddies (non members not including family members) will win a Private Martial Arts Party valued at over $200!