Canada 150 and July Special Events!

o CANADA 150 ANNIVERSARY facebook 300x150 Canada 150 and July Special Events!One Week Special Only…(June 28 – July 6th).  Spend $150 total on anything from Pro Shop Items, Belt Exams, In House Tournaments, August Karate Kamp…and receive a FREE PRIVATE LESSON from Sr. Master Karpiuk (Limited to the first 7 students).  $75.00 Value!

Not only that, since Master Karpiuk placed 2nd in Forms Competition this past week at World Championships, he is giving everyone a 20% Discount on Initial and First Months tuition for any student who upgrades their current program.  Save Over $100.00.  Call, email or speak with an Instructor today!


Come visit us at our Booth at the Cloverdale Fairgrounds this Saturday July 1st.  Bring a buddy so they can win 2 Weeks FREE!

August 14th – 18th.  Untitled 1 300x257 Canada 150 and July Special Events!

Monday to Friday 9 am – 3 pm.  

Summer Karate Camp is a great way to get ahead because you have the opportunity to test and move up a belt level (coloured belts)!  This helps you stay on track if you are going to miss August Exams due to vacation!  Invite Your Friends to Join you.

Martial Arts, Weapons, Sparring, Self Defense, Outside Activities, Pizza Buddy Event Plus Much More!


The Academy will be CLOSED – July 1st/3rd

June 28th – July 6th Only, One Week Canada 150 Sale!

July 8th – Year End Party/Black Belt Inductions

July 4th – Summer Class Schedule Begins. CLICK HERE

July 20th – Annual Work out at Bear Creek Park.  Great Family Fun and Photo Opportunities.  No Regular Classes that day.

July 27th – In House Tournament – Register by July 19th.  This is a great chance to compete against your fellow students in up to seven categories!  Forms/Creative Forms/Sparring/Combat Sparring/Weapons/Creative Weapons & Creative Board Breaking!  All Students are eligible!

The Academy will be CLOSED August 5th & 7th – BC Day!

August 16/17 Summer Belt Exams

August 19th to  August 26th the Academy will be CLOSED for Staff Vacation!