Preschool 8 ATA 280x190 Pre School Karate Kids

Black Belt Academy is a place where young people grow their self-confidence and learn Martial Arts (improving motor skills, memory, social skills, and more) in a fun, safe, and stress-free environment designed for children. At Black Belt Academy, even the pre-school Karate kids practice life skills such as courtesy, respect, honesty, and self-control. Most children […]

Karate For Kids Girl2 280x190 Karate for Kids

The Karate for Kids programs offered at Black Belt Academy, in Newton, BC, are a great way to instill virtues like integrity, courtesy, and respect in children of the local Newton, BC community. Our state of the art Karate programs are proven tools to help teach children valuable life lessons. Some of the skills and […]

MMA Woman 280x190 Self Defense

Awareness is the key to any good self defense program. Part of the training we provide at Black Belt Academy, teaches students to learn to avoid potentially threatening situations altogether. Often, this is merely a matter of crossing to the other side of the street and avoiding dimly lit areas or choosing a route where […]

Karate For Kids Black Belt2ATA 280x190 Martial Arts for Teens and Adults

Steady, Diverse Improvements Training in Martial Arts for Teens and Adults The classes for teens and adults offered at Black Belt Academy are led by an experienced, professional team of inspiring instructors, featuring quality curriculums tested and approved by expert Martial Arts instructor Senior Master Karpiuk in a clean, convenient, comfortable, secure, and modern facility. […]