Graduated Students & What they Are Doing Now!

This is Raj.  He and his sister started training with me when he was 9 years old back in April of 2000.  They both graduated a few years later with their Black Belts.


He recogme and rajan 169x300 Graduated Students & What they Are Doing Now!nized me the other day when I was shopping on Black Friday (I didn’t at first as He’s grown a bit over the past decade!).  He works part time as a salesman for a major dept. store paying his way through UBC.  He thanked me for the perseverance and discipline we had taught him.  He told me that the martial arts and the life skills he learned becoming a Black Belt have helped him tremendously in his pursuit of a Law Degree.

He still remembers many of his instructors and we were able to reminisce about great times doing push ups at the Academy!  It was great to see him and know that our program had a positive effect on his career choices.  His co-workers love working with him and were a little shocked to discover his martial arts background.  But the confidence and integrity they see in him have now made a connection.

If you are a former Black Belt of ours, we would love to hear from you.  Facebook us (or email to let us know what is going on in your life and how you have used the discipline and confidence karate taught you to succeed in life!  Besides Graduating to Black Belt, what other endeavors have you graduated from?  I know of at least one other of my students that has gone on to be a successful lawyer.  Others have become Police Officers, teachers and Anthony just helped the UBC Thunderbirds win the Vanier Cup!  In addition to those students who have gone on to higher education I’m proud of the many Black Belt Instructors we have graduated.  Some of those have started their own schools and we now have over 15 schools and clubs in the lower mainland and others across Canada!