Learn Discipline over Spring Break!

Spring  Break Special – Two Weeks for $97.  Includes Private lesson, Uniform & Belt.  New Students Only.

Not going awaKarate For Kids2 300x134 Learn Discipline over Spring Break!y for Spring Break?  Your children can train at Black Belt Academy and gain Fitness, Discipline and Confidence.  Our March Theme of Discipline will learn that “Discipline…is to Obey what is Right!” but they will have fun doing it.  Over the next several weeks the students will also be learning the components that make up discipline – Commitment, Punctuality, Goals, Focus, Determination, Responsibility, Courage and more!  Obedience is key to discipline because training is the only way to create good habits.  Poor habits take no discipline at all.  But good habits like eating healthy, exercise and always telling the truth take training.  “Parents and teachers are responsible for teaching children a clear sense of what is right for them by forcing them to follow the rules we set, over and over again, until they make it a good habit.”  “We are not born with bad habits like smoking, drinking alcohol, being disorganized and being late.  However, we have the ability to pick them up very fast.  It is also much harder to let them go.  Nobody ever forces us to have bad behaviour, we always do it by choice.

In addition to learning discipline, the students will also work on Bully Prevention.  Bullying is very prevalent in our school systems today.  But with a little bit of confidence and some simple tools, your child can learn how to defeat the bully!