Legacy Instructor Training and Tournament Information

Legacy Instructor Training at Newton Academy this Saturday Nov. 5th, 1 – 2:30 PM.  This training is for all Staff, Trainee and Assistant Instructors.  If you have been wanting to learn these skills and help out in a class, please contact Mr. Wilson 604 590-5425 for permission to attend.  Improve your communication skills, confidence and leadership during this time of training and prepare to work on your Black Belt Legacy!  Those who have been attending, please RSVP your attendance to Mr. Wilson.

Since everyone did so well at last week’s Belt Exams, feel free to sleep in an extra hour this Sunday!  Master Karpiuk says he arranged that for everyone…

Upcoming Closed Days:  Friday Nov. 11th, Saturday Nov. 19th.  Please speak to your instructor right away about registration information for the upcoming Regional Tournament in Langley on Nov. 19th.  Masters David and Karen Bennett are the hosts and we will have competitors coming from as far away as Oregon!  The next local tournament isn’t until April so plan to attend this one now!  Leadership members, make sure you attend all of your classes including Saturday’s Competition classes as we will be working extra on weapons, combat sparring and point sparring.

November / December Theme – Goal Setting.  “Goals we Set are Goals we Get!”  Start setting when you will test for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Degree Black Belt and Beyond now!  Goal Setting Sheets will be handed out in class next week.

Hey, check out Newton’s November Newsletter from our website calendar!

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