New Black Belts Reach Their Goals

Black Belt Academy had their Year End Party and Black Belt Inductions at Royal Heights Baptist Church auditorium, Saturday June 25th. Approximately one hundred family members, friends and fellow students were present to witness the induction of new 1st, 2nd 3rd and 4th Degree Black Belts.  Sr. Master Karpiuk and his staff of instructors performed the ceremony which includes a powerpoint presentation of the inductees during the traditional candle ceremony.

New Black Belts are required to write out their Journey to Black Belt which are then read as part of the ceremony.  Everyone is encouraged to hear how much confidence each student has gained as they strived toward Black Belt.  Many of the students share of the challenges and obstacles they have had to overcome to reach this milestone in their lives.  Many thanks is given to the instructors and staff that have helped each one with the leadership skills to overcome these obstacles.  Twin Brar sisters not only recieved their 3rd Degree Black Belts but also graduated from High School.  They both started school and taekwondo at the same time.13507178 1062682233768386 6128498354670036431 n 300x241 New Black Belts Reach Their Goals

Each new Black Belt has their candle lit from Sr. Master Karpiuk.  This represents the knowledge a student has gained and now the responsibility to keep this flame of knowledge burning by passing on what they have learned to others.  Master Karpiuk also explains to the new Black Belts that the candle represents the mission of Christ bringing His light to the world for salvation.  His prayer is that not only will these Black Belts build new relationships with other students but an eternal relationship with God as well.

Congratulations all new Black Belts!

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