October Belt Exams & Black Belt Testings!

Please Register for October’s Belt Exams by this Saturday 22nd.  Exams will be Wed/Thurs Oct. 26th and 27th for Newton Academy Students and Oct. 28th and 29th for Newton Academy Students. There are no regular classes on Exams Days.  Please refer to the registration for exams schedule according to your age group.  Any questions, please contact the academy right away.  There are early exam opportunities for those with scheduling conflicts by permission.Newton BB wall 300x176 October Belt Exams & Black Belt Testings!

It is important to register and attend your Belt Exams at every opportunity.  You never know when you might fall ill or get an injury.  It is not about “feeling ready or not”.  It is about the experience and performance in front of other students and your family and friends.  This is important to build confidence and focus so that you can have success at the higher belt exam tests, especially when testing for Black Belt!  It is also about following through on your training over the past 7-8 weeks and keeping on track toward your Black Belt goals.  This is what makes Martial Arts different from every other activity.  Plus, if you are not ready to advance to the next belt and receive a “No Change”, it is not the end of the world.  You will have another chance and hopefully will learn to deal with disappointment.  No Changes are given out to students Brown Belt and above if they fail to meet the judges requirements.  All students White to Blue Belt graduate to their next belt if they have earned all their stripes in class.  They are tested in class and then perform on Belt Exam day to gain experience in that environment.  Not every student is given the permission to do a Belt Exam depending on their instructors recommendation or not.

Congratulations to those who attended the Black Belt Pre-testing and will be testing for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Degree Black Belt next week!  Your instructors are all proud of your efforts, discipline and focus.  All the best as you try to earn your next Belt and reach your goals!

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