Today most children, including Karate Kids, return back to school.  It is an exciting day full of anticipation mixed with a little fear.  The fear of the unknown, I guess.  Who will be teaching me?  Will I have my old friends in my new class?  Will I do alright making new friends.  All of these […]

BC Lions August 13th vs. Hamilton!  Join us as karate students from Black Belt Academies go as a group to see the game.  Watch the fitness, perseverance and the confidence of the athletes!  Tickets are $30 ea. You must purchase your tickets from an Instructor by August 9th.  Meet the group at the Scott Road […]

Black Belt Academy had their Year End Party and Black Belt Inductions at Royal Heights Baptist Church auditorium, Saturday June 25th. Approximately one hundred family members, friends and fellow students were present to witness the induction of new 1st, 2nd 3rd and 4th Degree Black Belts.  Sr. Master Karpiuk and his staff of instructors performed […]

Karate at ATA Black Belt Academy is an excellent activity choice for your child, to help guide him/her on the right path for physical fitness, discipline, and structure. The greatest part for both you and your child is that it’s FUN for everyone. As parents, we all want what’s best for our children, and provide them with […]