Martial Arts is one of the few fitness activities with regular examinations.  These exams or belt testings build focus, confidence and ultimately help students achieve better grades at school.  Every eight weeks the students will perform the material they have been training on.  This happens in front of their fellow students, their parents and friends […]

This Saturday all students are encouraged to invite their friends for our Buddy Day Board Breaking Event!  1 – 2:30 pm everyone will be learning some Bully Prevention Self Defense, learning to Break Real Wooden Boards and of course everyone will be doing some challenging and fun games!  If you need more Buddy Invites please […]

Hi Everyone! Last day to purchase tickets for the BC Lions Football Game this Saturday. Only a few left! Call the school NOW!   Belt Exam & In House Tournament Registrations available this week!   My instructor sent me a couple of really old photos, thought you might enjoy them. In the first photo one […]

Martial arts are taught as a supplementary combat technique to law enforcement officers and soldiers. Most people forget, however, that martial arts can also be a path to inner peace. When a martial arts exponent kneels and closes her eyes and then opens them, it means that she has used the time to focus on […]

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