Well, it is now legal to grow, smoke and purchase Cannabis in Canada and we need to ask what ramifications that could have on our Karate kids?  What and why you ask?  Because the subject is sure to come up at the dinner table or in the car or in many other situations.  As parents, […]

“47% of Canadian parents report having a child victim of bullying.  A recent survey shows that number is even grater, up to 77% of children are bullied at some point during their childhood.”  Canadian Institute of Health Research. Newton Black Belt Academy provides FREE in school sessions to our local Surrey Schools teaching Bully Prevention.  […]

We will be having our annual Open House on Saturday Sept. 22nd.  The Open House is your chance to come and try some FREE classes to see if martial arts is right for you and your family.  Black Belt Academy staff and instructors will be teaching FREE Bully Prevention Classes. 10 am Tiger Demo & […]

Martial Arts is one of the few fitness activities with regular examinations.  These exams or belt testings build focus, confidence and ultimately help students achieve better grades at school.  Every eight weeks the students will perform the material they have been training on.  This happens in front of their fellow students, their parents and friends […]