Martial Arts training and academic training have a common goal. That goal is to create a transformation in attitude and action within a student, leading to a successful, productive member of the community. In school, achievement is rewarded with higher scores or good grades. Training develops those qualities and habits necessary to meet the rigorous […]

Quick reminder about this weekend’s Tournament and our theme of Goal Setting!  Today is the last day to register for Saturday’s Regional tournament taking place at Langley Christian School.  Competitors from all across the lower mainland, Alberta, Washington and Oregon will be here to compete.  Don’t miss this chance as the next local event won’t […]

Karate at ATA Black Belt Academy is an excellent activity choice for your child, to help guide him/her on the right path for physical fitness, discipline, and structure. The greatest part for both you and your child is that it’s FUN for everyone. As parents, we all want what’s best for our children, and provide them with […]

“Erik has never not wanted to go to a class.  In soccer, sometimes it was hard to get him to go to practice.  He is excited for tournaments and wants to progress.  Great experience so far.  A Real confidence builder!”  Sylvia N. “Evan loves taekwondo and his experience at this academy!  His confidence has improved […]