Martial Arts training and academic training have a common goal. That goal is to create a transformation in attitude and action within a student, leading to a successful, productive member of the community. In school, achievement is rewarded with higher scores or good grades. Training develops those qualities and habits necessary to meet the rigorous […]

February is Bully Prevention Month.  Speaking to students at school as we do, most have been bullied and some have to continually deal with being bullied.  This month we will be having our academy students memorize the Bully Prevention Oath to help them remember that they do have tools to defeat the Bully.  Also, on […]

Please Register for October’s Belt Exams by this Saturday 22nd.  Exams will be Wed/Thurs Oct. 26th and 27th for Newton Academy Students and Oct. 28th and 29th for Newton Academy Students. There are no regular classes on Exams Days.  Please refer to the registration for exams schedule according to your age group.  Any questions, please […]

BC Lions August 13th vs. Hamilton!  Join us as karate students from Black Belt Academies go as a group to see the game.  Watch the fitness, perseverance and the confidence of the athletes!  Tickets are $30 ea. You must purchase your tickets from an Instructor by August 9th.  Meet the group at the Scott Road […]