17434783 1394347190628304 7948656974525705134 o 280x190 Thanks to our Tournament Volunteers & a Goofy Award!

Thanks to all our Volunteers our Tournament of Champions was a success!  Our tournaments are hosted by one school ( Newton’s this time)  but run all by volunteers.  Parents, Junior Leaders, Black Belts, Adult Students and our areas Instructors.  We never know until the day of the event how many participants, spectators and Judges will […]

It’s January and the Academy is back at full schedule…weather permitting, with our new theme of Courtesy!  (Please check Facebook if the weather is bad to see if we are Open or Not for classes.)  Master Karpiuk and the instructors will be teaching not only why showing courtesy is important but also how.  Canadians are […]

Master Karpiuk is sorry he missed you this past Saturday for his Masters Training Seminar.  We still want everyone to receive the special gifts he had for everyone and because of the weather and the busy time of the year, he has authorized the staff to extend the Seminar Savings until this Saturday.  Please call […]

This Saturday will be our Masters Training Seminar (MTS).  Everyone who is planning on doing Belt Exams in December must attend.  If you can’t, a makeup opportunity will be provided so that no one misses out or gets off track! Sr. Master Karpiuk is our Special Guest Instructor and everyone is going to have a […]