Thanks to our Tournament Volunteers & a Goofy Award!

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Thanks to all our Volunteers our Tournament of Champions was a success!  Our tournaments are hosted by one school ( Newton’s this time)  but run all by volunteers.  Parents, Junior Leaders, Black Belts, Adult Students and our areas Instructors.  We never know until the day of the event how many participants, spectators and Judges will be present. This makes for a bit of an organizational challenge which our Regional Team Leaders did well with this year.  We had a total of 330 competitors, 40 Judges and over 450 spectators!  Thanks again to Surrey Christian School for renting us their facilities.

“To Compete is To Win!”  Grand Master H.U. Lee

Thanks again to our Sponsors:  Surrey Honda, Aura Orthodontics, BC Tires and Surrey Christian Early Learning Centres.  We appreciate your support!

GOOFY AWARD:  Goes to the volunteer who accidentally followed the wrong U-Haul Truck after picking up the tournament mats.  Luckily he got a phone call from the correct U-Haul before leaving town!

Speaking of Goofy…Every mammal plays. Lions…Tigers… Monkeys… Elephants…People…It’s when we play that we let go of all those ideas of who we “should” be… all that pressure… and just be who we really are.  And in my experience, there’s nothing more profound in life than experiencing who you really are.  So goof off with your kids! They’re  the best people in the world to goof off with 😉  In fact, we devote time in class to just letting go and goofing off. You can’t be serious 100% of the time 😉

Annual ATA Canada Camp 2017.  We are already 3/4 full!  Register online now for this incredible weekend of training with the areas top instructors:  District and World Champions, 5th, 6th & 7th Degree Masters!  Don’t miss out.  May 5 – 7th at beautiful Camp Stillwood overlooking Cultus Lake!  Everyone will workout hard…because the food is really that GOOD!10361411 707419869321043 4192283966321909598 n 300x200 Thanks to our Tournament Volunteers & a Goofy Award!