Year End Black Belt Inductions

ARV 5257 300x200 Year End Black Belt InductionsIt was a great celebration at Newton Black Belt Academy this past Saturday.  With standing room only, parents, family and friends witnessed the induction of 23 new 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Degree Black Belts!  Many of the Black Belts are also Canada and District Champions with some having competed in Top 10 at World Championships.  Listening to their Journey’s of reaching this Goal was awe inspiring.  Many had to overcome injuries (not necessarily from taekwondo) and disappointing testing results and having to re-test.  But they all demonstrated great Confidence, Discipline and Black Belt Attitude to reach this milestone in their training!

Unfortunately, brother and sister Jasmine & Josh were not able to attend due to flu.  We will be inducting them early in the New Year so they can receive their hard earned 1st Degree Black Belts.

Many of the karate student’s parents were very proud and appreciative of the ceremony.  I want to thank my hard working staff for pulling off this Year End Induction Ceremony.  Much work happened behind the scenes and it isn’t easy with the week of Belt Testing we just had and preparing to move the Newton Academy to it’s new location.

Thanks also to Mr. Arvanetes for the great photos!  You captured the pride and humbleness of both students, parents and instructors.

On behalf of all the Staff (Mr. Wilson, Mr. McCann, Mr. Forrest, Mr. Foster, Mr. Singh, Ms. Thomson, Mrs. Staughton, Mr. Miranda & Mrs. Macintosh), we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!

Sr. Master Karpiuk

PS, please check our Facebook page for more great photos.  We will update everyone next week on the moving details for Newton Black Belt Academy to it’s new location at Unit #7 8880 202nd Street, Langley BC.

PPS, The Academies are CLOSED for the Christmas Break, but please email or leave a phone message if you are in need of picking up a sale item etc.