2019 Leadership Seminars!

We had a fantastic Leadership Seminar over the Christmas break with over 16 students participating!  The students all did a great job working together learning to solve problems and what it takes to be a leader.  They learned that in every class at school there is at least one leader…but they aren’t always the best example of a leader!  Sometimes the leader of a class in school can be a negative example or even a bully.  People will sometimes follow these leaders out of fear.  That is why our Goal for 2019 is to teach valuable Leadership Lessons to our students.  One of the ways we will do that is by having a Monthly Leadership Seminar taught by Sr. Master Karpiuk.

Here are the Topics for 2019:

January – Power & Perseverance, February – Form & Focus, March – Madness Kick-a-thon, April – Board Breaking & Better Grades, May – Mothers/Daughters Self Esteem and Self Defense, June – Sparring & Self Control, July – Bo Staff & Leaving a Legacy, August – How to Be a Buddy and Back to School Success, September – Better Grades & Focus, October – Community & Being a Champion, December – Mastership & Self Discipline

During our Legacy Seminar over the break the students worked with each other to come up with a definition for Legacy.  At first they discussed how a legacy helped them reach their goals in Black Belt training and that it took focus.  Throughout the day the definition evolved and switched from being inward focus on self to more outward focused on others.  At the conclusion of the seminar…just before they learned the importance of cleaning up after themselves…the group came together with a very simple yet powerful statement on Legacy – “Leaving something of value for those who are following you!”

I hope you will make it to our January Power & Perseverance Seminar on the 26th.  It is sure to be lots of fun and I’m looking forward to not only teaching about Perseverance but also learning more about it through you, our students!

Submitted by
Scott Karpiuk
7th Degree Black Belt, Sr. Master Instructor