Annual Kickathon Fundraiser for Surrey Food Bank

Next week we will be performing our Annual Kickathon Fundraiser for Surrey Food Bank and our Instructors travelling to World Championships in July.  This year, students have been collecting pledges for the total number of kicks they can perform in 5 minutes.

Our Annual Kickathon Fundraiser for Surrey Food Bank has partnered with two other ATA Martial Arts schools in Surrey, Legacy & Challenger.  Instructors from these schools will also be travelling to World Championships and raising funds for the Surrey Food Bank.

So far, just under 12 students have raised over $2000 in support!  One student who is a Tiger (age 5-6) has raised over $700.00!  Every student who raises over $100.00 for the Annual Kickathon Fundraiser gets a chance to WIN a Mountain Bike plus other prizes.

In previous years, students have collectively kicked for over 15,000 kicks and raised thousands of dollars for Annual Kickathon Fundraiser.  One year, the funds were shifted at the last minute to help one of the Academy families that had just lost their home from a fire.  Every student will participate in classes during the week performing as many kicks as they can in 5 minutes.  Sounds easy, right?  Not really!  Students will execute non stop with the youngest students reaching their goals of 150 – 200 kicks.  Black Belts and teens will perform anywhere from 600 – 900 kicks in the time frame!  And they still have the rest of their class to finish…

If you would like to help support our students, instructors and the Surrey Food Bank, you can send a minimum flat pledge of $10 by e-transfer to  Every dollar counts!  Or stop by our academy to visit us in person.  All guests will receive a FREE Martial Arts Lesson for their donations!

Submitted by
Master Scott Karpiuk, 8th Degree BB
Academy Direction

Annual Kickathon Fundraiser