Back to School with Confidence means Better Grades!

Families are getting ready for Back to School.  That’s great!  How is your child’s confidence?  They haven’t been in a normal classroom setting for sometime.  I think you would agree that we all want our kids going back to school with confidence.  This can only translate into better grades.  Let Black Belt Academy help your family with Back to School with Confidence which means Better Grades!

How does martial arts improve a child’s confidence you ask.  Well, there are many ways our program guarantees your child will improve their confidence and get better grades.  But let me give you just a couple.  First, your child will learn the confidence it takes to raise their hand when they don’t understand their teacher.  Admitting you don’t get something and need help takes confidence.  We’ll teach that.

Secondly, your children will learn how to use eye contact and body language to show respect.  Let’s face it.  Our teachers deserve respect!  Even more so now.  And with respect comes trust.  Teachers are more willing to assist students who demonstrate respect because they know those students want to learn.

Confidence and Respect
Annual Park Workout

Respect and Crushing Goals
Summer Karate Camp

Why trust your kids to Newton Black Belt Academy?  Okay, fair question.  We have been teaching families in Surrey/Delta since 1991 so have a long standing track records.  We are associated with one of the largest martial arts organizations in the world.  Because of that, our teaching and certification skills are continually updated.  And because of our relationship with the ATA we were able to pivot and provide a great experience to our students online during the past several months.  One other reason, Sr. Master Karpiuk and his staff are committed to helping your family succeed in education, relationships and life!

BUT THERE’S A CATCH…To provide a safe experience for our families, we have had to cut our class sizes almost in half.  This means there isn’t much space for our New Fall Students.  So when I say “Space is Limited” I really mean it!  So RESERVE YOUR SPACE NOW.  For only $97 we will save your families spot. Back to School with Confidence which means Better Grades!

But hurry because we anticipate all our spots will be gone before the September session begins!

Call 604 590-5425 or email us at  That way we can schedule your FREE Introductory Lesson.

Submitted by

Master Karpiuk, 7th Degree BB

BA Education, ATA International Judge