Belt Tests – Steps to Build Confidence and Better Grades!

Martial Arts is one of the few fitness activities with regular examinations.  These exams or belt testings build focus, confidence and ultimately help students achieve better grades at school.  Every eight weeks the students will perform the material they have been training on.  This happens in front of their fellow students, their parents and friends and of course their instructors.  Regular exams instill confidence because students are only required to demonstrate the material from the past couple of months.  So the stress level is lower (not like a final exam) and the students have the proper amount of time to hone their skills.

With smaller chunks of learning outcomes and regular examinations, students gain more confidence, self esteem and all around focus.  All of these improve grades at school by giving the student a higher level of success!  For decades this has been the learning system of taekwondo and more specifically ATA Black Belt Academy.  Stress is a major health concern for all ages in today’s world.  Small steps and achievable goals through Newton’s Black Belt Academy’s Belt Exam system help alleviate undo stress!

DON’T MISS YOUR OPPORTUNITY FOR BELT EXAMS!  Some students miss exams with the excuse of “I don’t feel ready”.  This is where you shouldn’t trust your feelings and trust the experience and expertise of your instructors.  They wouldn’t recommend you register if they felt that your examination would do more harm than good!  PLUS, you never know when you might have to miss a belt examination for a legitimate reason such as:  illness, injury, vacation or a special family event.

BELIEF – YES I CAN!  Examinations may include Black Belt Demonstrations, board breaking, weapons, sparring and of course form presentations.  The current Life Skill (Belief for March/April) will definitely be discussed by both students, parents and instructors.  This particular life skill supports improved focus, confidence and better grades.