Black Belt Goal Setting Season!

Yes, Christmas is just around the corner…but it is also Black Belt Goal Setting Season!

Every year around this time we hold our Annual Black Belt Goal Setting Season Seminar.  This year it is Saturday Dec. 11th.  The seminar is for our entire student body at Black Belt Academy.  Brand new students (white belts) all the way to 5th Degree Black Belts will set and adjust their goals to Black Belt and beyond.

Goal Setting Season seminar will see parents assist their children with setting goals.  “Goals we Set are Goals we Get!”  This is our them for the month of December.  Along with Master Karpiuk’s assistance, parents and students will set goals for taekwondo toward Black Belt and beyond.  But they will also work together to set goals for school, home and life.

“A goal without a plan is just a wish!” said Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, the poet, author and fighter pilot who perished in World War II.  During the seminar we will be using S.M.A.R.T. Goals.  This acronym is vitally important for Black Belt Goal Setting Season to succeed.

Master Karpiuk receives requests for university and career references from his former Black Belt students.  Below is part of a testimony from Tushar who reached his Black Belt Goal several years ago.  He started training at age 10.  After 4 years he earned his Black Belt.  He is now applying for scholarships to enter UBC’s engineering program!

“The achievement that I am most proud of is getting my black belt in Taekwondo because it taught me the importance of persistence. It took me four years to earn my black belt as it is a long and rigorous process. During this journey, there were times where I would have to go to class even when my friends were outside playing in the cul de sac. Nevertheless, I was determined to accomplish this goal as it was outside of my comfort zone and provided an opportunity for an immense amount of growth.

During Taekwondo, I passed many different colour belts, before reaching my black belt. The first black belt test resulted in me failing as I had a hard time remembering those memory heavy forms. My confidence was shaken but I remembered the main motto that the academy taught, “Perseverance”. So, I decided not to give up and be better prepared for my re-test. Thankfully, the second time I got my long-awaited black belt. During this journey, the importance of respect was imbibed in me. Before achieving my black belt, I was training for an upcoming tournament, when I had the opportunity to practice against a black belt. Although I lost, the importance of showing respect and having that reciprocated despite our belt colors was something that was eye opening for me. Taekwondo instilled a sense of trust for myself as I was put in situations where I had to be confident or I would fail. Being able to trust myself, supported my belief in my abilities.”

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Master Scott Karpiuk, 7th Degree Black Belt
Academy Director, BA Education

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