Board Break Challenge Fundraiser Update…

Our Board Break Challenge Fundraiser is tomorrow, Saturday August 14th.  Thanks to everyone who contributed toward Adrian and his family who lost their home in the Newton Apartment Fire.  Funds were due by Thursday to be eligible for prizes.  BUT YOU CAN STILL GIVE!  (I got a donation today while having coffee at Tim Horton’s!)  You can e-transfer your donation to

I am happy to say that we reached our GOAL OF $1000.00 raised…plus more!  The total amount will be announced after the board breaking tomorrow.

Thanks to a local martial arts school who supplied us with boards for breaking.  And for donations from so many parents, students and other individuals.

Here are a few shots of past board breaks with our students.  We should be breaking over 100 boards tomorrow during the challenge.  It is going to be exciting!

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Sr. Master Karpiuk