Bully Prevention Fundraiser in Surrey Schools

Recently Newton Black Belt Academy taught an After School Enrichment Class / Fundraiser for McLeod Road Traditional in Surrey. The students raised over $600.00 by learning Bully Prevention, Black Belt Focus and Self Confidence through Karate class taken after school.

Master Karpiuk presents check to McLeod Road Elementary

Principal Khan accepted the Fundraising Proceeds by Master Karpiuk and Mr. Wilson in a school wide assembly on April 24th.  Several of Master Karpiuk’s Black Belts attend McLeod Road Elementary and are using their martial arts skills to be leaders in their class.  In every classroom in every school throughout Surrey, there is at least one leader.  They are not always the role model leaders we want our children to follow!  One of Master Karpiuk’s goals is to put a Black Belt Leader from his academy in every classroom.  He remembers how a Bully challenged him in elementary school and the negative impact that can have on a person.  So Bully Prevention training is close to his heart so he strives to teach the skills to defeat the bully throughout Surrey.

Every week Master Karpiuk and his staff of instructors volunteer in the Surrey Elementary schools.  “In every class I ask the students if they have heard or know of Bullying happening at their school.  In every class hands go up everywhere!” Karpiuk says.  One of the ways he teaches Bully Prevention is to help the students learn some key phrases and techniques that are both simple yet effective.  He also explains how sometimes Bullies don’t even know they are being bullies!  And that often they don’t know how to make and or be a friend.  “They might be new to the school or even to the country” Karpiuk explains.

One of the best ways to learn Bully Prevention is to actually increase your Self Confidence.  In every class at Newton Black Belt Academy the instructors teach confidence gaining skills to the students.  Master Karpiuk believes there are three things every child should learn:  How to Read, How to Swim and Bully Prevention Self Defense.  Although it was over 40 years ago, he still remembers like it was yesterday being bullying at West Whalley Jr. High.  He wants to prevent that from happening to anyone else!

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Sr. Master Scott Karpiuk
7th Degree Black Belt
BA Education