Everyone Seems Distracted Right Now…Summer Karate will Help!

“Everyone seems to be distracted right now, but does your child seem to be even more distracted than normal? Are they acting out even more? Do they refuse to make an effort to go online for their virtual classes? Would they rather argue than do a chore that would take them 2 minutes? Are consequences a joke for them? Do they scream and throw temper tantrums? Do they threaten and swear? Do they argue and fight over everything?  Or… are they afraid of their own shadow? Or… can’t pay attention or focus? It doesn’t matter which of these problems you’re facing, any one of them can scare you into believing that your child isn’t going to make it.”  Dr. Marty Callahan, Black Belt Instructor for over 50 years.

I couldn’t agree more with Dr. Callahan!  But we here at Black Belt Academy can and want to help families with this.  Our Summer Programs are guaranteed to improve your families Focus, Attention, Self Discipline and Attitude.  Our award winning Life Skills are just the thing for your kids who don’t want to listen to you, do their chores and generally fight over everything.  Listen, I get it!  They have been cooped up for a long time now.  All families are on edge.  When that happens things are said and taken out on our loved ones.  It isn’t meant to happen, but it is!  Let’s work together to remove the distractions and focus on fitness and family fun.

Master Karpiuk Teaches about Respect

Register Now for our Summer Programs.  BONUS – Register before the end of June and our Online Interactive Lessons included at no charge (Limited Offer).

We are offering both Live In Person classes as well as Online Interactive Lessons.  As one of the only activities available right now, take advantage for your family before space runs out.  Ask about our Family Discount Special and Savings for early registration.

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