Exciting March & Belt Exam News!

We are set for an exciting Belt Exam and to announce some great events coming up this March!  If you haven’t registered or planned on attending this Saturday’s Belt Exams, you need to!  On going Belt Examination is a must for a student to not only continue to strive for their goals and Black Belt Excellence but also to enhance their confidence and focus!

On Saturday we will have a draw prize as a mini fundraiser for the Surrey Food Bank.  Great Prize, you don’t want to miss out and tickets are only $2.  Winner will be announced at the conclusion of the Belt Exams.

Speaking of, tomorrow is the last day to Register.  So please, don’t get off track and miss out.  If you are not available this Saturday due to prior commitments, speak with one of our staff so we can set something up for you.  Regular performance at Belt Exams is a must if students want to continue receiving all of the benefits martial arts has to offer!

For March, we will be announcing several events.  First up will be our “Green Belt” Buddy Day on the 16th.  Haven’t earned a green belt yet?  That’s okay,  just make sure something on your uniform is green!  You are a Black Belt?  Wear your old green belt and spend some time reflecting!  It will be great.  Your Buddies are invited to attend.

“March Madness” Fundraiser for the Surrey Food Bank and other Local Charities.  Our Kick-a-thon.  Not only will our students be raising funds for a great cause be seeing how many kicks they can do in 5 minutes, they will have a chance to WIN PRIZES.  Someone will walk away (or ride away) with a Brand New Mountain Bike!  All of the information and pledge sheets will be available Saturday.

Lastly, our Spring Break Karate Kamps or open for Registration.  Come and learn the Oh Sung Do (Broad Sword), self defense, advanced kicks and so much more!  If you work hard enough you might even be able to do a belt testing and move up a rank!


See everyone this Saturday.  Again, if you can’t make it please call the Academy to make other arrangements.  All the best and see you soon!

Scott Karpiuk
ATA Sr. Master Instructor
BA Education

Sr. Master Karpiuk