Family Day Karate Program Savings!

Celebrate Family Day with Karate Program Savings!  $150.00 OFF Initial Registration.  PLUS Bonuses:

For the next 10 Family’s to register for our Family Day Karate Program, you will save $150.  Plus we have some LIMITED Bonuses.  These include a FREE Paddle Target – perfect for Family Karate Practice at Home!  Not only that, we want Family Day to be rewarding for everyone so we will  include some extra training options at no charge. The Family that Kicks together, sticks together!

During these trying times, it is difficult for families to find fun activities they can do together.  Our Family Karate Programs offer that plus much more!  Families train together in an atmosphere of challenge, fun and focused learning.  What other sport can families participate together in?  Not hockey, soccer, baseball etc.  Moms and Dads will get the stretching and low impact exercise they need for healthy living.  Kids will get that but much more!  Increased Focus and Confidence just to mention a few.

Our families love that they can train together, both in person and virtually!  Our instructors pivoted to online virtual training way back in March.  Thanks to the help and support of our association, the ATA, our online classes continue to be a rewarding experience!  When the weather is bad or students are just feeling a little bit under the weather…they can train from the comfort of their living room!  This gives great flexibility for all Families in our academy.

So don’t wait, call 604 590-KICK (5425) to get started.  New classes are forming NOW.  The Family Day Karate Program is limited.  Due to current PHO’s we have limited the sizes of our classes.  Our Academy is following all PHO’s in order to provide the safest learning environment available!  Our enhanced cleaning and safety protocols go beyond what is required.

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Senior Master Karpiuk, 7th Degree Black Belt
ATA International Judge
BA Education

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