Bully Prevention Seminar Feb. 29th, 11:30 am

February is Bully Prevention Month

Every February is Bully Prevention Month.  This awareness campaign promoted all throughout N. America supports many efforts with Bully Prevention.  Black Belt Academy has been teaching Bully Prevention for over 10 years now, giving free community seminars throughout the Surrey School District.

Are you worried about your child being a victim of Bullying?  Chances are they will, at some point, be bullied at school.  Our February Bully Prevention program teaches kids where Bullying takes place, what it looks like, but most importantly how to deal with Bullying.  Kids are being called names, being pushed around, being left out, threatened and many other forms of Bullying every day at school.  Black Belt Academy’s goal is to be at the centre of Bully Prevention for the families in our community.

Bully Prevention Seminar Feb. 29th, 11:30 am
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FREE Community Bully Prevention Seminar:  Saturday February 29th 11:30 – 1 PM

Ages 7+
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What will Bully Prevention clinics like this do for my child?  First, when a child is bullied their self-esteem is attacked and brought down.  During this seminar we will teach your family how to not only avoid bullies but to protect their self-esteem.  And this isn’t done by lowering the self-esteem of the bully.  Quite the opposite.  Many kids are bullies because they have low self-esteem themselves.  Our job at Black Belt Academy is to Prevent Bullying while also helping the bully to realize he can be successful without acting this way.

“Studies demonstrate that most of the students in the group will have bullied someone, been
bullied by someone or watched it happen (i.e., a bystander). Most of the time bullying takes
place at school, although it can happen just about anywhere kids congregate, including youth
group. Being a bully can seem empowering to a teen but is of course harmful to others and the
bully too.”  says Warren Throckmorton, PhD

Dr. Warren goes on to say that Bullying is “when someone repeatedly and on purpose says or does mean or hurtful things to
another person who has a hard time defending himself or herself”.  I was bullied in middle school.  The place, time of day and other details are still clear in my mind, even though it took place over 40 years ago!  Fortunately for me, I was able to stand up to the Bully at the time.  Back the there wasn’t any Bully Prevention training.  My dad taught me what to do and it worked!  The bully actually became a bit of a friend of mine after the incident and he toned down his bullying.

We hope that you can make it to the free seminar at the end of February.  It will be limited space so please register early.  And bringing a friend will make it easier for partner drills.

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Sr. Master Karpiuk, 7th Degree Black Belt
BA Education
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