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February Karate News and Bully Prevention

February Karate  News and Bully Prevention.  Did you know that February is Bully Prevention Month?  We have included our Bully Prevention Oath that is being used in all our classes this month!  Several Surrey schools have contracted Sr. Master Karpiuk of Black Belt Academy to teach Bully Prevention. Bullying is nothing new.  Master Karpiuk shares how he was bullied in elementary school himself.


Our Academy is following all PHO guidelines PLUS Enhanced Safety Measures outlined by the ATA.  Offering both In-Person and Virtual Online classes, we have something for everyone!  Out of province looking for Karate Lessons and Bully Prevention?  Take advantage of our Virtual Online classes directed by Master Karpiuk and his staff.  Email to get registered.


Are your children experiencing Bullying at their school?  Statistics tell us that in almost every class there is bullying happening.  Only 5% of this actually gets witnessed by a supervising adult!  February is Bully Prevention Month.

Karate Kid Bully Prevention Oath

I will not Bully Others!
I will try to help other kids who are being Bullied!
I will try to include other kids who are being left out!
If I know another kid is being bullied, I will tell an Adult!

kids bullying

Attention PAC Members!  Schedule Master Karpiuk’s Virtual Bully Prevention Program for your child’s school now.  February is already FULL!  Have your PAC president email the academy for all the information and available dates.

Google Reviews ( One week ago):
Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value

My kids really enjoy going here. Its the best karate school in Surrey. They are very good with their training. I have seen huge improvements in my kids in terms of confidence and manners. They are both proud black belts now!

Response from the owner:

Thanks so much for your kind words Mrs. Pratap! Your kids are a joy to teach. They both work hard and I have seen their dedication and focus improve alot!

“great school! Instructors are excellent. I personally have attended class there for approximately 4 years and have watched young people develop into not only fantastic martial artists, but exceptional young adults as well. Would recommend for any one looking to improve their lives.”
Response from the owner:

Thanks so much for your review Mr. Stanworth! It is great teaching you and your teenagers.

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Master Karpiuk, 7th Degree Black Belt
ATA International Judge
BA Education