FREE Online Martial Arts Training for Kids!

Attention Parents: FREE Online Martial Arts Training for Kids!

During the current crisis, kids are at home.  By now, they might even be driving you a little crazy.  As educators we know that children and youth need 3 things for stability and mental wellness; Regular Routines, Physical Fitness and interpersonal connections.  With most families practicing Self Isolation, these have been tossed out the window.  Free online Fitness, Focus and Discipline for your kids right at home.

Black Belt Academy is offering FREE Online Fitness, Focus and Discipline Training for Kids!  This is for ages 4+.  Our online interactive training will address all three of these needs.  Free Online Martial Arts

What will be taught:

-Beginner Exercises along with flexibility training

-Focus, Discipline and Confidence building drills

-Character Development

Click Here to get set up now.  It’s easy and will be rewarding for your whole family!  Our Students at Black Belt Academy are having a terrific time with their online training. We guarantee you will as well.  FREE Online Fitness, Focus and Discipline Training for Kids!  What have you got to lose? You don’t need any special equipment.  Master Karpiuk and his staff know how to incorporate household items into the training routines.

Fitness, Flexibility, RespectAs a bonus, Master Karpiuk can be the “friendly” voice that gently encourages your children to better listening and doing chores without complaints!  This is all part of our Character Development and Discipline Training.

Email or call 604 590-5425 now to get started.  Our organization was one of the first to implement this type of online training so we have your family covered.  It’s safe and fun for the whole family too!

“Working out might be one of the best ways you can pass time while you’re self-quarantined. Exercise may help your immune system in a few ways. From a physiological perspective, working out flushes bacteria from your lungs and airways, increases your white blood cell circulation and raises your body temperature, all of which could help your body fight infection better, according to MedlinePlus.”  “On top of these body benefits, exercise is also a great stress-reliever. Continuing to exercise and maintain some semblance of a routine is crucial during these tumultuous times” says Joshua Morganstein, Chair of the American Psychiatric Association. 

Submitted by

Sr. Master Scott Karpiuk, BA Education
7th Degree Black Belt

“Better Grades, Focus and Family Fun Since 1991!”