a teen girl and a young boy martial arts students


Are your kids bored already this summer?  Free Summer Lessons!  Is your family struggling to find activities for your kids or the whole family?  Get the kids active now.  PLUS, our martial arts programs are one of the only activities a family can do together.  And this summer there isn’t many activities happening around town.  This is one of the reason we are offering free summer lessons.  Not only do we want kids to get active now, we want them to learn Respect and build Confidence.

Our summer theme is Respect.  Respect is not something you know but rather something you do.  Our students are learning how to respect themselves by always giving 100%.  Working hard at everything with this type of respect gives better results…in the karate classroom, at home and at school.

Students are also learning how to gain Respect by giving Respect.  In class they learn how to address their instructors and fellow students with the respect each deserves.  This important habit must be created as with any good habit.  Remember, poor habits happen without effort.  Good habits take effort to form.

a teen girl and a young boy martial arts students
Free Summer Lessons.

Respect for parents is very important, wouldn’t you agree?  That’s why in our classes the students are taught different ways to demonstrate to their parents.  One way is to never talk back to parents.  This good habit needs to be formulated early in a child’s life so it will stick with them for a lifetime!  This important habit, if learned and demonstrated, will help individuals succeed in many areas of their life.

If you are looking for this…and more, please contact us now.  With things opening up and physical distancing regulations, we have limited space.  Registering now will also save you space for the fall!  This is important especially if the schools are not fully open.  Our academy will be able to provide fitness and better focus for your kids.

To get to know us a little better before you come in, here is the link to our PRIVATE FACEBOOK VIP PAGE.  It has lots of information, free self defense and Bully Prevention information.  That way you can hear and see what we are all about.  We look forward to serving your family with Free Summer Lessons and to Get the Kids Active Now!

Submitted by Sr. Master Karpiuk, 7th Degree Black Belt

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