Bully Prevention Seminar Feb. 29th, 11:30 am


Dear Parents,

Help me STOP BULLYING NOW!  Every month we guest teach in our Surrey Schools.  During these lessons the students are not only learning about the Korean martial art of Taekwondo but fitness, confidence and most importantly…HOW TO STOP BULLYING!

It blows me away that in every class, in every school, the kids tell us that there are bullies!  I’m not surprised.  When I went to KB Woodward and West Whalley I was bullied.  Me and my staff want to help STOP BULLYING and give back your kids the confidence they need to succeed in life!

Don’t wait.  Call now to set up a free introductory lesson so you can see if martial arts is right for you and your family.  We have classes for ages 4 – 7 (Tigers), 8 – 12 (Karate Kids) , Teens & Adults.  These classes will not only help your child’s fitness but give them the tools they need to be successful in school and life…Self Confidence, Self Defense, Focus and Discipline.

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or SIGN UP FOR 2 WEEKS FREE on our website TRYKARATE.ca

Hope to see you soon!

Sr. Master Scott Karpiuk
BA Education

“Best thing that has every happened to my daughter. Instructors are very easy going and understanding. Everyone makes you feel welcome.”  Tara B

“Navi, age 5, started in the Basic Program this past January. He had a lot of anxiety and needed to learn to self-regulate, manage his emotions and better coordinate his movements. He has flourished in the program! He loves it a lot and gains confidence after each class. He just received his orange belt and was able to overcome his anxiety at the belt exam!”

Yanina S.

Every SD36 class tells Black Belt Academy there is Bullying!
Stop Bullying