Bully Prevention Seminar Feb. 29th, 11:30 am

Help Stop Bullying & Better Grades!


“47% of Canadian parents report having a child victim of bullying.  A recent survey shows that number is even grater, up to 77% of children are bullied at some point during their childhood.”  Canadian Institute of Health Research.

Newton Black Belt Academy provides FREE in school sessions to our local Surrey Schools teaching Bully Prevention.  When students learn how to stop bullying through our proven techniques, it empowers them and improves their Self Esteem!  With improved self esteem comes better confidence and focus in school.  Of course this help students attain better grades and even less homework.  Isn’t that what every parent wants for their child?

If you would like our staff to come to your child’s school in the Newton Surrey area, please contact us through your child’s teacher or principal of the school.  We would be happy to schedule our free workshops that can take place during regular PE classes or right in your child’s regular classroom.  They take about 45 minutes and no special preparation is needed.

A special note from Sr. Master Scott Karpiuk…

I started my martial arts training in 1984 while attending College in Springfield Missouri.  It was something I always wanted to learn but never had the opportunity to participate in.  Several of my friends and I joined together and we formed a great bond that still exists today!

One of the reasons I wanted to take martial arts was due to the fact that I was bullied while attending Elementary and Jr. High school (K. B. Woodward / West Whalley in Surrey).  The ironic part of it was that one of the bullies was my best friend!  Back in those days though, there was a fight almost every day after school behind the church across from the fire hall!  Lucky for me, I never had to “participate” in one of those but that never alleviated the fear that overtook me weekly.

My goal, along with my instructors and staff, is to provide a program that will build your child’s confidence, increase their fitness, improve their self discipline and give them the tools they need in order to defeat the bully!  A tall order, I know.  But we have been succeeding at this for many years.  I have former students who trained to Black Belt under me that are now professional athletes, elite police officers, lawyers and in the medical profession.  Most if not all of them didn’t start off with the confidence, focus and discipline they now enjoy.

Together, let’s Prevent Bullying in our Surrey Schools and Community!