Historic Virtual Belt Exams this Week!

Historic Virtual Belt Exams this week on Wednesday and Thursday. No Regular classes on exam days.

Today is the last day to get registered. You have worked hard over these past 8 weeks, training in new and challenging ways from home because of the virus! This week will be historic and exciting as we have never done  Virtual Belt Exams before.

Belief is Yes I Can! What a prophetic life-skill during these incredible times. My instructors and I believe you will do great during your Belt Exams this week. Why? You have been faithful with your attendance and persevering through your training.

It has been fun watching everyone train in their kitchens, living rooms, back yard etc. And the way some of you set up your workout areas with mats, equipment, lighting and cameramen! And to have your family members participate (along with some pets too!) has been inspiring! We hope that they realize how much fun doing martial arts together as a family is and will want to continue!
Now, for belt exams this week, make sure you have at least one parent/guardian with you for assistance. They need to have a pen and paper or whiteboard and marker. Your parent/guardians are going to help with the physical part of your exam by recording the number of exercises you do and then holding up to the camera.
Also, ever student is asked to get 1 – 3 “Guest Judges” that aren’t family members. A school buddy, neighbour, relative etc. We want them to watch your Belt Exam through zoom along with all of us! It will be exciting. Please have them email us to get registered (so we recognize who to admit to the zoom room – for security) at master@surreyblackbelt.com.
Finally, don’t forget that everyone will pick up their belt results curbside at the academy on Saturday. Please see registration for times and details. Black Belts need to come as well as we have something for everyone including the curriculum outline for the May/June semester and a surprise!
Thanks for your support. Please let your Facebook friends who live locally know that we are offering FREE Online classes. Have them call or email us to get set up.
Submitted by
Sr. Master Scott Karpiuk
7th Degree Black Belt
ATA International Judge
BA Education