I can only use Karate at the Academy – FALSE!

I heard a parent telling their child that they can only use Karate at the Academy and no where else.  That is FALSE and backward thinking.

We want your children to use their Karate skills EVERYWHERE!  That’s right, everywhere.  The only place they can practice their kicking and punching is at the Academy or at home with adult supervision.  Of course, if they are in danger of being hurt by a bad person they definitely can use their kicks, punches and self defense!  But everywhere, all the time they should be practicing and using all of their other martial arts and karate skills.

What do you mean Master Karpiuk?  In class they are to obey on command, answer up loudly with confidence and begin their skill or task immediately.  Your children need to be encouraged to practice these karate skills EVERYWHERE!  When they don’t answer you or obey you right away, remind them to use their martial arts skill of Discipline and Respect.  As well, going back to school will have challenges…different class mates, new teachers or courses they may not be comfortable with etc.  They need to use their martial arts skills of perseverance, courtesy and goal setting!

Michael Bennett, started age 5, now 6th Degree Black Belt!

Your children should be practicing their Focus everywhere and all the time.  Focusing on their parent’s instructions, focusing on the tasks they are given at home and at school, focusing on their homework etc. It is so easy to get distracted with social media, video games and the like.  Practicing Focus on the most important things will lead to a lifetime of success!

In our sparring sessions the students are learning about actions and reactions and the consequences those have when not performed properly.  If they don’t move or block with correct timing the consequence is that they get struck (that is why they need to be wearing all of their safety gear every time!).  They receive immediate feedback for their decisions and actions.  That lesson will help them when it comes to studying for exams at school or when failing to carry out their chores at home.

So parents, please encourage your children to use their karate skills everywhere, all the time.  By doing this you will help them formulate good habits.  Good habits will translate into more discipline, respect and confidence at home, school and everywhere.  Remember, it doesn’t take any work to have bad habits!

Thanks for the privilege of teaching your children at our Academy.  It was great to have our guest judges this week for exams.  Both Mr. Raphael and Mr. Bennett earned their Black Belts from me and are living examples of perseverance, goal setting and discipline.  With encouragement your children can go from a Tiger to a 6th Degree like Michael Bennett.  And perhaps become a Master Instructor one day!

See you in class!

Sr. Master Scott Karpiuk
7th Degree Black Belt
BA, Secondary Ed.
Master Scott Karpiuk