Journey Essay for 1st Degree Black Belt

Journey Essay for 1st Degree Black Belt

My name is Kian R. and I am 9 years old. This is my Journey Essay for 1st Degree Black Belt.

I started Taekwondo back in April 2018 when I was in Kindergarten. I started Taekwondo because I was too active like running a lot and didn’t sit still and wasn’t listening to my parents and teachers. Also, sometimes I had to go to the principal’s office because of the bad choices I made in the past. This made my parents think about registering myself in Taekwondo. This is where my journey began. Since day 1 of my training, I’ve always been excited to attend my class and learn new things like my form, sparring, boarding breaking and weapons. My favorite part about training is learning forms because we practice new moves and techniques.

The biggest challenge I had to overcome on my journey so far has been the 2019 Regional ATA tournament because I’ve never been into a big tournament in my journey so far. I remember I was so nervous and before we got there, we went to our clubhouse to practice my form. I was honored to meet Chief Master Cho and even had a picture with him. I competed in both forms and sparring which I got first place in both of them. Another challenge was during the lockdown last year due to pandemic. I had to train online which was very challenging because honestly, I prefer in person training.

Pretesting Group

My favorite memory of training as a color belt was when I tested for red-black belt because I was able to skip a belt from red decided to red-black belt with the gold stripe. It is true when they say ‘’You reap what you sow.’’

My future goals in Taekwondo includes getting my 2nd degree black belt and to join the Legacy Program (I am currently a leadership member) because I want to pass the knowledge and skills I’ve learned and to help kids to do better in their discipline and life skills.

People I would like to thank for helping me reach this goal first of all, are my parents for motivating me and for supporting me in doing what I love to do. The time and effort they put in to take me to my training especially now that we moved farther away. Secondly, I’d also want to thank my sister for always cheering me on. I know she is my number 1 fan. These include my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. Third, I would like to thank Master Karpiuk, Mr. McCann, Mr. Wilson, Mr. Millard, Mr. Truong and Mr. Ng I thank you all for teaching me and all your dedication. You all motivate and inspire me to never give up and be more responsible as I grow. Last but not the least, I want to thank God for all the strength he gave me to reach my goal to get my 1st degree black belt.

Thank you.

Submitted by Scott Karpiuk
ATA Master Instructor
7th Degree Black Belt / BA Education