Karate as an Activity? Yes and no!

Many parents contact us to enroll their children into our programs.  We always ask what their reasons for enrolling are.  Many times they are looking for Karate as an activity.  They also tell us that their kid really wants to do it.  They’ve seen karate on tv or in a video game etc.  Well on the surface these sound like good reasons, they really aren’t.

I know some martial arts clubs emphasis their classes as simply an activity.  Like playing soccer, going swimming, running around outside in the fresh air.  The programs at Black Belt Academy are WAY MORE than just an activity.  One time I was given a tour of a neighbouring martial arts school.  When my host introduced me to the instructor he didn’t even have the courtesy to stand up, bow and shake my hand.  He just stayed leaning on the counter, waiting for the Karate activity to start.  In the meantime, he yelled at the kids “hey catch” and threw a ball to them to pass the time while they waited.  It was almost like the activity of taking my dog to the park to fetch sticks I threw!

Now, don’t get me wrong.  There are some good martial arts schools around.  Instructors that are committed to teaching more than just another activity.  We know what parents really want to accomplish with a martial arts program.  That’s because our instructors are all parents as well!  Our programs instill confidence, self discipline, respect and focus…to mention a few.  Much more than your average Karate activity.

Not just another activity!

Our instructors aren’t part-time hobbyists that earned a Black Belt way back when.  They are continually training toward their next goals of Black Belt.  More importantly they continually upgrade their teaching and relational skills.  Thanks to our international association, the ATA, our instructors are constantly receiving cutting edge curriculum and life skills.  Together, these enhance our family’s experience and give them the tools to succeed at school and work.

In conclusion, when you are ready to enroll at Black Belt Academy know that your family will be getting much more than just another activity!  Better Grades, Focus and Family Fun Since 1991!

Submitted by

Sr. Master Scott Karpiuk, 7th Degree Black Belt
BA Education
ATA International Judge