Karate Shout Out from Newton BIA

We’ve all had the thought of doing karate or other forms of self-defense at certain points in our lives. We see it all over media, and we have to agree that those kicks and flips are pretty damn impressive. However, self-defense is more than just cool stunts, it can provide people with the skills and techniques to feel safe, disciplined, and healthy. Whatever the reason, the instructors at Black Belt Academy ensure that every student, young and old, will be trained to maximize their motivation, interest, and lifestyle.

Located in Newton, Master Scott Karpiuk’s Black Belt Academy is open for everyone to learn martial arts. They offer lessons on Karate, Taekwondo, and training, in hopes of you reaching the black belt. They also offer various programs for kids such as, pre-school karate, karate for all ages, summer camp, after school classes, and back to school classes. These are great opportunities for kids (or anyone!) to practice important life skills such as courtesy, respect, honesty, and self-control at times that are convenient for everyone. Black Belt Academy is a safe and fun place for people of all ages to develop these skills and utilize them in their everyday lives.

Black Belt Academy is not just exclusively for kids, but they also offer martial arts training for teens and adults. The classes are created for anyone to learn and compete in a clean and friendly facility. The teen and adult classes can significantly improve self-confidence and personal safety skills, and the instructors are dedicated to ensure every student’s personal victory.

To measure one’s progress in Taekwondo, coloured belts are given to students to signify their level (keups). Master Karpiuk and his team of black belt instructors are dedicated to train those with no previous knowledge of Taekwondo (white belt) into self-disciplined, fit, and respectful black belts.

During his college days, Master Karpiuk found his passion for martial arts through a dare among his friends. There was a martial arts club at school, and all his friends agreed to try out a free class, but only if everyone participated. Eventually, he did and practiced martial arts ever since. In time, the combination of his passion for education and martial arts has led him to become a martial arts instructor and opened up his facility, Black Belt Academy.

The reality of martial arts is that it’s much more than learning how to inflict damage or show off kicks and punches. It’s more about learning mental, emotional, and physical skills that can transfer to all aspects of life. Master Karpiuk’s enthusiasm for education and martial arts has led him to become a very successful, patient, and inspiring teacher for his students. He’ll ensure the personal success for all his students; and no matter if you’re a kid, teen, or adult, Black Belt Academy welcomes everyone to try with 2 WEEKS FREE OF LESSONS.

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