Kick-A-Thon Community Fund Raiser March 30th

During the month of March, Black Belt Academies will be sponsoring a 5 MINUTE KICK-A-THON to raise funds for the Surrey Food Bank and Loveabull Rescue Society.  Each participant needs to supply an official counter (mom, dad, brother, sister, friend etc.) to keep track of the number of kicks.  You will have 5 minutes to do your kicks. This is your opportunity to not only increase your fitness, challenge yourself, set new goals but raise funds for needs in our community!

Total Pledges Collected                      Prizes!

$25                                                                        Karate Kid Keychain

$50                                                                        Medal of Accomplishment

$100                                                                      Kicking Target

$150                                                                  Competition Weapon                                 

$200 +                                              Private Workout with Sr. Master Karpiuk & Lunch

*PLUS – Every Participant who raises at least $100 will be entered for a chance to win…

Kick-a-thon Community Fundraiser Win a Mountain Bike!

5 Minute Kick-A-Thon

Black Belt Academy

March 30th 2019

All pledge sheets and donations must be handed in by March 30thFunds should be collected at the time of asking.  Prizes will be rewarded on the day of the Kickathon to those students who have turned in all of their donations.

This is a great opportunity for students to get out into the community to support a great cause!  Not only will our students be raising funds for the Surrey Food Bank and Loveabull Rescue Society, the students will really stretch themselves doing the kicks!

If you could help support our Academy in this please email ( or call.  Perhaps you would like to do a one-time donation to the community cause or even support a particular student to help them reach their goal!  Each student will set their goal of number of kicks they will perform in the 5 minutes.  We have had students as young as 5 perform over 200 kicks and raise a significant amount of donations!

Sr. Master Scott Karpiuk
7th Degree Black Belt
BA Education
604 590-KICK

Preschool martial Arts kids
Kick-a-thon Community Fundraiser