Kids Respect Training Workout in the Park!

We had a fantastic time with our Annual Kids Respect Training Workout in the Park last night! 

Thanks to all of the parents and karate kids who came out for the Annual Workout…we had about 60 participants, the largest in recent memory.  Sr. Master Karpiuk lost his voice training and teaching all the karate kids about Respect and how not to get grass stains on their white uniforms!

Here are a few photos of the Kids training.  If you took some other good photos, please email them in to as we sure would like to be able to share them!

Master Karpiuk Teaches about Respect and how to not get grass stains on their white uniforms!

Board Breaking

Focus and Confidence!

Black Belt Demonstration

A special thanks to all of the Black Belts, Leadership & Legacy Members who made the training possible.  Wasn’t it great to have kids that were at the park join in with our Karate Kids and Tigers?  With our Training system of Tigers and 

2019 Annual Workout in the Park

Karate Kids it makes it easy for new members to start every day.  And if you were watching some of these kids who had no uniforms and were taking their first class, you noticed how their focus and discipline improved as the class went on.


Some parents worry about new students who haven’t learned to focus or follow instruction in class and may distract their own kid.  Hey, let me tell you we welcome distractions in the beginner classes!  Do you know why?  Because in order to improve kids focus they need distractions!  They will have all kinds of distractions going on in their class at school once September comes.  As long as these new students aren’t imposing a danger to themselves or others, the Instructors aren’t that concerned.

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Submitted by Sr. Master Scott Karpiuk

BA Education, 7th Degree Black Belt

“Celebrating 35 Years in Martial Arts”