Last Chance for January Discipline Introductory Special!

As we near the end of January 2021, this is the Last Chance for our January Discipline Introductory Special!  4 Weeks of Classes for $59.  This way your family can see if martial arts is right for you.  The Introductory Special includes our Official Student Uniform for the next 5 people to register.  Call 604 590-5425 NOW!

Our Introductory Special will introduce your family to our ATA system of martial arts.  The foundation of ATA is taekwondo, or Korean Karate.  But that is just the vehicle we use to teach your children the many benefits we have to offer.  Parents enroll their kids into our introductory special to increase their Focus, Confidence and Self Discipline.

Even though it was 37 years ago this month, I still remember the introductory special that my instructor gave to me.  It was in Springfield Missouri at college that I started my martial arts training with the ATA.  Martial arts was something I wanted to do since childhood.  Being bullied in grades 7 – 8 during elementary and jr. high school was not fun!  Back then kids weren’t enrolled into martial arts, only adults.  But now was my chance!

I fell in love with the martial arts right away.  Keep in mind, I was not a gifted athlete but any stretch of the imagination!  That is why the ATA system is great for families.  Most kids are not gifted athletes.  Taekwondo is an individual activity yet performed in a group of like minded people.  All working toward improving their Self Discipline, Confidence, Focus and Fitness.   And I make it a point to teach all our students and their families Bully Prevention on a regular basis.

Register Now for our 4 Week January Discipline Introductory Special.


Most families know within the first few classes that this is going to be great for them.  (If you decide within the first few classes you want to continue, we will credit back your introductory program.  Not only that, you will receive a bunch of savings and bonuses!)  They continue on with beginner training toward setting the goal to Black Belt.  Once that goal has been set, most students qualify for our Black Belt Leadership training programs.  These programs were the first to be developed in martial arts and the ATA has continued to support and enhance the training.  ATA being the largest martial arts organization in the world, they have the power to call upon much expertise that is handed down to the individual student.

Submitted by

Sr. Master Scott Karpiuk
7th Degree Black Belt, ATA International Judge
BA Education