Leadership & Legacy Seminar January 2nd

Most people want to increase their leadership skills.  Leaders also want to leave a Legacy for those who are following them in life.  On January 2nd, we want to start off the New Decade with a Leadership & Legacy seminar.  This seminar will be for all Newton and Sunshine Ridge Leadership and Legacy members.  Several BBC students have won a FREE seminar and we look forward to having them also.

I attended high school in Anchorage Alaska.  As one of the only “foreigners” to attend the small private school, I had to develop leadership skills almost immediately.  My classmates had already voted in a student class president before I had arrived.  But then after meeting me they called for a re-vote.  They voted me in as class president, probably because I was an anomaly.

As class president, leadership rolls were passed onto me.   Without really even thinking about it, I began to leave a legacy with my fellow students and the christian school.  To this day, almost 40 years later, there is a legacy and relationship between myself and many of my classmates.

In martial arts, instructors have the incredible opportunity to instill leadership qualities into their students.  They do this by example and our award winning ATA curriculum.  As for leaving a legacy, I have been fortunate that many of my students have gone on to become instructors and school owners across the lower mainland and other parts of the world!  We are so blessed and privileged to teach those who join our academy.  It is a great responsibility as well.  When you think about it, school teachers influence the same 25 – 30 kids every week for a year.  At Black Belt Academy, our instructors influence 5 – 6 times that amount of kids every week!

I strongly believe that in every school class throughout the Surrey School District, there is a leader.  The problem is that most of the time those leaders are the negative ones.  The bullies.  My goal is to have one of our leadership or legacy members in every class.  So the other students have a positive example to follow.  I hope you will help us reach that goal!  For further information on our Leadership & Legacy programs, please call us directly at 604 590-5425


Sr. Master Karpiuk
7th Degree Black Belt
ATA International Judge
BA Education