Martial Arts and Mental Health

Martial Arts and Mental Health

This is my 37th Year training in Martial Arts.  I can personally opine to the martial arts and mental health benefits from my years of training.  Not only have I benefited from less stress and physical fitness, I have witnessed first-hand the mental health benefits my students have received.  I’m so proud to have served the families of Surrey/Delta area for over 30 years.  During that time it humbles me the improvement I have seen in the quality of family’s lives from martial arts!

Most research studies on the martial arts and mental health centre around the fitness aspect.  But lately, more studies have been conducted correlating the benefits of mental health to martial arts.  You are no doubt aware of the harsh mental health issues caused by the current pandemic.  With lock downs and kids having to learn from home, isolated from their social norms, mental health has taken a turn for the worse!

A recent study on martial arts and mental health benefits from Australia reports “Martial arts training may be a suitable alternative, as it incorporates unique characteristics including an emphasis on respect, self-regulation and health promotion. Due to this, martial arts training could be viewed as a sports-based mental health intervention that potentially provides an inexpensive alternative to psychological therapy [4].”

The study goes on to say “Several studies report that martial arts training had a positive effect reducing symptoms associated with anxiety and depression. For example: a study examining a six-month taekwondo program reported significantly reduced anxiety [9]. Similarly, several studies report martial arts training promotes characteristics associated with wellbeing including: (a) a group of female participants reported higher self-concept compared to a comparison group after studying taekwondo for 8 weeks [10], and (b) a six-month taekwondo program found increased self-esteem following the intervention [9].”

You can read the complete research article on martial arts and mental health benefits HERE

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