My Child says “I want to Quit”

My Child says “I want to Quit”…school, sports, chores etc.

Remember that tonight we push our clocks forward an hour to “Kick Off” Spring!  This can be a challenging time for kids as they adjust to the time change.  For the next few classes they may be irritable and say things like “I don’t want to go to Karate anymore!”  This is not much different then when adults say they don’t want to go to work because of being grumpy and tired!

At some point in every ATA Master’s career, they too, wanted to quit.  Everyone goes through periods of frustration.  This can be caused by physical, mental and environmental conditions not related to martial arts classes at all!  So when you hear your child stating that they want to quit, keep the following things in mind:


Often “I want to quit” really means something else, like “I don’t know my new moves,” “I’m having trouble with another student in class,” “I think my instructor doesn’t like me anymore because I got in trouble last class,” or “I feel lost because I’ve missed some classes.”  Get to the bottom of exactly why your child is saying this.  Are they trying to avoid something?  Is there an interpersonal problem that needs to be addressed?  Find out exactly what is going on.

In most cases it is something quite easy that our instructors can address with a private lesson and motivational meeting.  Go back to the reasons you enrolled your child into martial arts…for Discipline, Confidence, Better Grades, Focus and Perseverance These are the qualities you want improved in your child.  Allowing them to quit is allowing them to make adult decisions and undermines your parenting skills.    

Remember, one of the main values ATA Martial Arts stresses is perseverance.  If a child has made the commitment to achieve their yellow, purple, or black belt, it is very important that they honour this commitment.  Part of growing up is learning that you cannot run away when things become difficult or challenging.  We are never too young to begin to learn this life lesson.  If your child no longer finds martial arts to be one of their main interests, let them quit AFTER they have met their commitment, and kept their promises.”

TIP:  Get them to do their homework or a chore right before they need to get ready for karate classes.  This way class is viewed as a reward.  Also, don’t argue with them about not coming.  Instead say something like “I understand you don’t want to go to class for ______ reason.  Okay, when we get there you can explain that to the instructor.”

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