Newton Apartment Fire

Newton Apartment Fire Fundraiser!

Last week, a few blocks from our Academy in Newton, an Apartment Building was destroyed by fire.  One of our families was at the academy to watch their 5 year old in his class.  During this time, all of the students could see smoke and hear sirens out our front windows.  After class, Adrian and his family discovered that their home had been destroyed by smoke and water.  They lost everything!

We originally had a fundraiser scheduled to replace some of our academy mats.  The harsh Covid chemicals needed to keep our students safe took a toll on our floor.  But the staff thought that helping this family was much more important. So we switched our Board Break Challenge Fundraiser to help out Adrian and his family.  (We will have to find another way to replace our mats.)

Newton Apartment Fire
Student’s Family Home Burns up!

So far, we have raised over $250.00.  All pledges are due this Thursday so we can present the funds on Saturday after the event.  The board breaking challenge gives each student at least three boards to break with a technique of their choice.  They will be able to keep the boards they break as a reminder of how together we can help families in our community!

Our last fundraiser was our Annual Kick-a-thon which raised over $1000.00 for the Surrey Food Bank.  If you would like to help Adrian’s family with Saturday’s fundraiser, you can e-transfer your donation to  Or you can drop of cash/checks made out to Black Belt Academy.

We have been serving the Newton Community for 30 Years and are so thankful for our students willingness to help with this Apartment Fire Fundraiser!  Our current Lifeskill being taught is Respect.  We believe that this Fundraiser for the Newton Apartment Fire will teach our students the values of respect.  And how everyone pitching in together can help those in need.  “Respect is not something you Know, it’s something you Do!”

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Submitted by:

Master Scott Karpiuk
ATA International Judge
7th Degree Black Belt