Overcoming Challenges and Obstacles!

Having FUN at Belt Exams

When it comes to challenges and obstacles we all face them in our life.  The difference is the choices we make in order to meet those challenges or to work our way around them.  Avoiding challenges rarely leads to any measure of success.  Attaching them head on teaches us many life skills ie; discipline, patience, focus, perseverance.

In martial arts students are challenged in each class.  Our instructors purposely put obstacles in the student’s way so they have the opportunity to overcome them.  When a student faces a challenge and has to work through it they have a better self worth and their esteem rises!  When a students begins their training the challenges are sure to be easier and less challenging.  This is done to help the student achieve small goals so when bigger ones come they have more confidence.

Belt exams don’t always go as we want or expect them to.  Many times a student performs better in regular class then at a testing in front of other peers, family members and friends.  The form isn’t as good as usually done in class, the self defense or sparring is with an unfamiliar partner or that board break that went so well dozens of times in class just won’t break!  That’s okay because it gives them a challenge to overcome which in turns builds confidence.

Students, remember that your training is a journey.  Every class, every technique is part of that journey and experience.  Yes, you need to have destinations (or goals) to reach for.  But don’t forget to enjoy the journey as you train each and every class!

Competing at tournaments brings about more obstacles and challenges.  It is here that students have the opportunity to really increase their self confidence and measure their skills against others.  Our next tournament is December 1st in Langley.  Don’t miss this opportunity of a local competition.  Every student should attend at least one tournament before they test for their Black Belt.  Tournaments lend an environment of excitement, fear of the unknown and adrenaline that doesn’t always happen weekly in class.  Thus they help prepare a student for that day when they are ready to test for their Black Belt!

Black Belt Confidence!

All the best and we will see you in class soon!

Sr. Master Scott Karpiuk

7th Degree Black Belt

BA Sec. Ed.