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December Upcoming Events

Upcoming December Events including Belt Exam and Goal Setting Saturday information.

Part Two – What to do when your child doesn’t want to come to class.

Part 2 What to do when your childs doesn't want to come to class.

What to do if your Child doesn’t want to come to class…Part 1.

What do you do when your child says they don't want to go to class? Or when they argue with you about doing something? Chief Master Karpiuk gives some practical tips he as learned over the years to help parents when this challenge arises. More Resourses:

How it all started. Chief Master Karpiuk Episode 1

How it all started...Learn how and why Chief Master Karpiuk started martial arts.

Learn About ATA Blackbelt Academy

Black Belt Academy trains men, women, girls and boys in Korean Karate, also known as Taekwondo. We help our students to develop the self-confidence, the discipline and the skills to become who they were born to be. In all our Programs and Classes, it is our goal to develop student’s character as well as developing their skills. Our Instructors are dedicated and trained to maximize their motivation, interest and enjoyment! Our Leadership Program has helped developed students into teachers, lawyers, entrepreneurs and many other successful walks of life!

ATA Blackbelt Academy Intro

Our staff are dedicated to the healthy development of children, teens and adults. The Karate for Kids system is designed to teach lifelong learning skills as well as technical skills. We have a reward system that improves children’s self-esteem. Our program teaches them discipline and focus while obtaining self-defense skills including Bully Prevention and Stranger Danger! Our low student to instructor ratio promotes a healthy learning atmosphere and allows family members to train together!