Self Esteem for Kids

Self Esteem for Kids.  As parents, we all want our kids to feel good about themselves.  To have Self Esteem is to have self worth.  A belief in who you are.

At Black Belt Academy, Self Esteem is one of our Yearly Life-skills.  We teach kids that Self Esteem is “the Joy of Being Myself!”.  Self Esteem is a little hard to come by with the ongoing pandemic.  Over the past several months in particular, kids have struggled with feeling joy about being themselves.  Unfortunately that lack of Self Esteem has too often ended with tragic results.

Self Esteem, Self Confidence and Self Discipline are the BIG THREE when it comes to parents signing up their kids for our programs at Black Belt Academy.  On the flip side of those we hear parents saying that they just want their kid “to have fun”.

Lets address these two seemingly apposing thoughts…First, we know that not everything in life is about having fun.  It’s not even about liking everything all the time.  Kids don’t have fun in every class in every subject at school.  And they don’t always have fun doing their chores.  Even adults are guilty of not having fun at work all the time.

I guarantee you that not every part of every martial arts class is going to be fun.  But the lessons the kids learn about Self Esteem, Self Confidence and Self Discipline are way more important than always having fun!  We are creating individuals that understand life is much more than having fun all the time.

two karate students with thumbs up
Thumbs up!

Don’t get me wrong.  Our classes are a lot of fun…for all ages and for all members of the family.  But in order to build a person’s confidence, esteem and discipline they have to have challenges that they overcome.  This type of perseverance will prepare kids for life in high school and especially university or the workforce.

We offer everyone two free weeks so they can see if martial arts is right for their family.  Our suggestion is to purchase a uniform for their child.  This way they will feel more confident and not out of place in their group classes.  Two weeks isn’t going to increase anyone’s Self Esteem.  That’s why we offer a discounted membership with tuition savings and a free uniform for enrolling after the first private introductory lesson.

We have classes five days a week with budgets and schedules to satisfy most families.  Give us a call today to schedule your first no-obligation lesson.  Black Belt Academy offers much more than a “fun activity” for your family.  It is life changing.  Just ask some of our students who have been training with us for 2, 5 and even longer than 10 years!  They will tell you that our programs are worth the investment…and that they all have “Joy of being themselves!”

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Sr. Master Karpiuk, 7th Degree Black Belt
BA Education

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