Seminar with World Champion Master Jesse Isaacs!

Dear Students & Academy Parents,

It is going to be a great week.  It is hot out but we will have BOTH A/C units going to keep you nice and cool!  I really need your help though…we need more students for our Sparring Seminar with World Champion Master Jesse Isaacs this Thursday!  He is coming all the way from Florida.

It is going to be a fantastic seminar as Master Isaacs is the Premier Sparring Ambassador for the ATA world wide!  Not only is he a multi World Champion, he has trained many of his student to earn World Champion as well!  We don’t want anyone to miss out on this opportunity so…

EARLY REGISTRATION DISCOUNT EXTENDED until Tuesday night!  But you have to register at the front desk, not online.

World Champion Master Jesse Isaacs!

PLUS – I’m going to combine the two classes together so instead of 1 hour for the seminar, you will get over 2 hours of training!

All Red/Black, Black Belts, Legacy & Leadership members should for sure be signing up for this seminar.

There will be no regular classes on Thursday after 5:45 due to the Sparring Seminar With World Champion Jesse Isaacs.

Lastly, please watch/like/share our Face Book page.  And a great Google review would be nice as well!


Scott Karpiuk
Sr. Master Instructor
7th Degree Black Belt
BA Education

PS – This Sparring Seminar will enhance every aspect of your karate training!  Cardio, Focus, Confidence and Discipline are just a few of the many benefits!  Even if you have just started sparring as a new Black Belt Club or Leadership Member, this seminar is for you!  Don’t miss this opportunity.  It was over 5 years ago since Master Isaacs was here in Canada.