Spring Session Starting Soon!

Spring Session Starting Soon!  Wow!  That is a lot of S’s.

Our Sessions are divided into 8 week semesters.  Each semester of martial arts learning has a different life skill.  For our Spring Sessions the Life Skill is Belief.  Belief is “Yes I Can!”

Belief in yourself is very important.  Especially in a child!  And especially during a Pandemic.  Kids, as with most of us, are social beings.  That means they need interaction.  Our classes offer that plus a lot more!

Black Belt Academy has been developing students since 1991 – over 30 years!  During that time kids have increased their Self Esteem, or Belief in themselves.  Many of our parents share testimony of how their children are doing better in school after enrolling with us.  More confidence and increased focus leads to less homework and better grades.  These benefits also lead to a more harmonious family life.

Focus, Confidence and Fitness

Our Spring Sessions is Starting Soon!  March 1st as a matter of fact.  Email or call now to get your family started.  This March we are offering:

-FREE Semi Private or Private Orientation Lesson

-FREE student uniform upon registration

-Bonuses for enrolling the first day valued at over $200.00!

PLUS – our programs integrate Bully Prevention.  Bullying is a HUGE problem within our schools these days.  I know because of my experience guest teaching in hundreds of Surrey classrooms on this subject.  We are scheduling now for April and May to present our program Virtually.  Have your PAC representative contact us at master@surreyblackbelt.com for scheduling details

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Master Scott Karpiuk
7th Degree Black Belt, ATA International Judge
BA Education