Summer Martial Arts – Limited In Person Space!

Our Summer Martial Arts 2021 is now open for Registration!

We have Limited In Person Space for ages 5+

Summer Martial Arts is a perfect activity for your child.  Not only will they have fun, they will develop Self Discipline, Summer Safety Skills, Better Focus and Concentration plus FITNESS!

And we know that our kids have not been getting much of that with the lock down we are currently in.  Regular Fitness is key to a sound mind and body!  Kids who are regularly active do better socially and academically.

Another benefit to summer martial arts is self defense!  Kids need improved confidence so they can stand up to bullies.  Confidence also gives kids better self awareness which is important for self defense.

Right now we have limited In Person Space.  In addition to In Person training, our Virtual Academy is a great tool for those families who can’t be compromised.summer camp karate kid

Here is a testimony from one of our Black Belts:  “I’m a second degree black belt that has been training here for around 8 years. If you are looking for a good workout you should come here. They teach you how to defend yourself and give you a good work out. Before I came here, I could not even do a pushup. I can now do 40 clapping pushups with out stopping.”  Erik G.

And from one of our Parents:  “My kids really enjoy going here. Its the best karate school in Surrey. They are very good with their training. I have seen huge improvements in my kids in terms of confidence and manners. They are both proud black belts now!”  Mrs. P.

Register Now while we have Space.

Submitted by

Sr. Master Karpiuk, 7th Degree Black Belt
BA Education

“Serving Surrey Families for Over 30 Years!”