Time to Get Back to Fitness & Better Confidence!

Parents, it’s time to get back to Fitness and Confidence!  As the weather turns colder and wetter outside, our inside and online classes are warm and dry!  Perfect for Family Fitness, improved confidence and focus.  Our Covid Safety Plan has serving us well since the start of the pandemic.  We have been able to provide family classes both in person at our academy and at home online.

Last week we had over 6 students test for Black Belt.  The fitness and confidence levels were through the roof!  Some of our families have been training with us for over 10 years.  Many parents enroll their children for better success and confidence at school.  Then they realize they too can benefit from martial arts fitness.  The first step to self defense is confidence and our families are improving in these areas as well.

Now is a great time to get started!  We are starting our winter session this week.  What a great way to end such an unusual year with fitness for the whole family.  Approach 2021 with more confidence and less stress than ever before.  Students from 4 to 64+ enjoy working out in a respectful atmosphere.  It’s time to start setting goals to improve your fitness and confidence for the new year.

Call 604 590-5425 to get started.  New students always start off with a free introductory lesson.  This way you can find out if martial arts is right for you and your family.  Self Defense, Fitness & Family Fun Since 1991.  I’m sure we can help your family like the hundreds we have over the years.

Black Belt Confidence and Birthday Parties too!

I’m not sure how serious you are about a fitness and confidence program…but if you are take advantage of our First Lesson Enrollment Savings.  You will save on tuition and get a FREE Uniform.  You could even qualify for a FREE Private Birthday Party!

So stay warm and dry this winter by becoming our newest family!

Submitted by Master Scott Karpiuk
7th Degree Black Belt, BA Education

“Better Grades, Confidence and Family Fun Since 1991!”